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About Us


Welcome to Soul Surfing Yoga

A source of enlightenment for your SOUL

through the benefits of YOGA teachings,

while SURFING your waves through life. 

An artful fusion of:

Yoga, Meditations, Photography and more...

"May all beings be peaceful,

may all beings find happiness,

and may all beings be loved..."


✨⛅️🌙 It’s all connected
This year celebrates the 100th year anni
📿Take a big step away from those who do
To be creative means to be in love with
Yoga Instruction

Certified Yoga Teacher

Gina DiMaria McConkey
200hr. Yoga Certification, Meditation/Yoga Instruction

Hi!  I'm Gina.
Welcome to my Soul Surfing Yoga Website.
I consider myself a Soul Surfing Yoga Girl... 

I love the depths of the SOUL,
I love the mysterious wonders of the Ocean/
the SURF, and I love the teachings of YOGA.

I have been practicing yoga for
15 years, and teaching for over 10 years.
This over 5000 year old practice is not only intriguing for the modern day yogi, but it should question us all of us as to how powerful of a healthy journey it can contribute to our lives and take us on that journey revealing the goodness we find in our own soul.  Found to be a cliche, but the source of love and light, we find in others only expands the mind, body, and spirit of the human race itself - to profoundly, keep shaping our world in a positive light - which is needed now more than ever before.

It is my faith that guides me to be
a very compassionate teacher.
My hope for this site
is for you to find FUN LOVING parts of it
that you may connect with,
and find enrichment for your soul as well.

There is an infinite amount
of tools and discovery
within this magnificent world we live in,
and within it, includes YOU.
We all make up this connected world,
and together, each and every one of us
all contribute something special.
Only together can we live the lives we live.
And by the gift of giving, and sharing talents,
if they are joyfully received, we all shall grow.
So I created this site.

By pairing together, let's enjoy
"Surfing the Waves of our Lives" together!

So come by every now and then
and check out Soul Surfing Yoga!


Contact Information

 Soul Surfing Yoga Girl

Ocean City, MD USA


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